Over 1,000!
Over 1,000 snoRNA sequences have been added to the database! As the snoRNA field continues to expand at an ever increasing pace some sequences may have been missed. If you have a snoRNA sequence that you can not find in the database please share it with the research community by submitting it at the contact page.

snoRNA Proteins The snoRNA protein portion of the database has undergone rigid re-analysis with tight criteria added to our algorithms for identification of snoRNP proteins. We have included only proteins directly associated with snoRNA molecule. Because of this many proteins have been excluded to insure quality results. We need your help to continue adding known protein subunits. Please submit at the contact page.

The database search engine can support a number of different search terms but the most common ones are: Genus (i.e. Drosophila), Species (i.e. melanogaster), Accession number, snoRNA class (C/D or H/ACA), sequence, or a sequence motif such as CUGA. The type of sequences such as RNA or protein can also be chosen by the user using the radio buttons above the search box.

The snoRNP Database is currently expanding its functionality to include secondary structure. If you have a secondary structure of a snoRNA that you would like to share please go to the contact page and make sure you include your name so we can give you credit for the submission.